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Everywhere you go these days you are bound to hear or see something Cajun. People from all parts of the country and all parts of the world have embraced the Cajun way of life. Everyone has heard of New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and the many famous restaurants of the French Quarter. While these are exceptional to be sure, there are many more attractions that are worth looking for.

While most non-cajuns hear Mardi Gras and think only of New Orleans, those of us who have lived there know that the local celebrations are very often the most fun if not the most glamorous. Most of the smaller towns in Bayou Country have their own Mardi Gras complete with parades and elaborate tableaus. An added plus to these area festivities is the lack of the overwhelming crowds sometimes prevalent in New Orleans.

Paul Prudhomme made Cajun cooking famous in the last several years. His recipe for blackened redfish has swept the world along with his other dishes. As good as these may be to eat, they can often be intimidating to attempt to cook on your own. Don't be afraid! There are many more everyday recipes that are even more Cajun and easier to cook.

No visit to South Louisiana would be complete without a ride through the Bayou Country. Cajun country extends from approximately Lafayette to the west to Houma in the east with it's northern border just north of Interstate Highway 10. Within these boundaries lie some of the best food, scenery, fishing, hunting, music and people anywhere in the world...

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My name is Cliff Hebert (pronounced A-BEAR). I was born and raised in Houma, Louisiana, the eastern capital of Cajun Country. Like most Cajun men, I like to cook, eat, hunt, fish and generally "Pass a good time".

I have moved to Beaumont, TX from extreme northeast Alabama and from southwest Missouri with my wife, Jackie. My two daughters, Christy and Cindy are both off on their own. Christy is living in Texas with her husband and my new grandson and Cindy is a mother of four living in Missouri. Check Jackie's page for pictures of our family.

As I have promised for a long while now, I have finally started to update this site.   I plan to provide many more "Everyday" recipes and links to other Cajun pages in the future. If you have any comments or suggestions to improve this page, please send me a note.

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